How to create innovation:
A recipe to make corporates successful
in the digital age

Have you ever thought about which tools and perspectives are needed to drive change? This book reveals how you can become a true ambassador to successfully leverage the world of digital transformation. Learn how to create innovation 100x more efficiently.

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What can you expect?

This book “How to create innovation: A recipe to make corporates successful in the digital age” delivers a detailed guideline to understand the huge opportunity of riding the exciting wave of digital innovation. In 354 pages you will learn more about:

  • Creating a platform for success – What are the prerequisites for success?
  • Innovation approach – The core: how to do it. Getting drastically faster while improving the surival rate by factors.
  • Governance & Organisation – Designing an environment where your innovation ambitions can bloom.
  • Culture – »Culture eats strategy for breakfast« as Peter Drucker famously said!
  • Technology – Which technological considerations are required to enable a business innovation
  • Business Models – The struggle has always been the business model.

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The Authors

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Stefan F. Dieffenbacher is a hands-on digital executive, game changer and digital strategist having led digital programs for top 5 firms across almost all sectors in Europe. With deep interdisciplinary knowledge and with changing roles between strategy and execution, Stefan has strategized, executed and growth-hacked digital ventures for startups and corporates with the largest business cases exceeding €100m.
Stefan is the founder and Managing Director of Digital Leadership and the Chief Evangelist & Change Maker of THIS IS AWESOME.

Erno M. Obogeanu-Hempel is a digital and out-of-the-box thinker as well as a visionary with a strong Silicon Valley mindset for over 20 years. He is also an entrepreneur, a founder of several startups and a technology enthusiast. Digital transformation, in particular team transformation and product innovation, are his core competencies. He has successfully led programs in various companies as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer in permanent positions, as a consultant and as a startup founder. With his exciting mix of interdisciplinary knowledge (technology, product and business), his experience of numerous stays in the Silicon Valley and his methodological approach and implementation (including lean startup, scrum, design thinking and jobs-to-be-done), he has changed the way of thinking and acting in various companies in a sustainable and future-oriented way. He is co-founder of THIS IS AWESOME, a consulting and coaching company for product innovation and digital transformation. Erno works as a speaker, coach and consultant.

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