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Integrated digital strategy, execution & performance

We have led numerous Digital Transformation projects over the last 15 years: relaunches, digital strategy and execution across a wide range of industry sectors for some of the top market players in Europe.
Our unique Digital Leadership Strategy Framework™ enables our multidisciplinary team of customer experience experts, business professionals and technologists to navigate the shores quickly and efficiently from strategy to execution to performance. We’re with you every step of the way and support you holistically and end-to-end.

We love consulting paired with execution – without bullshit bingo and endless PowerPoint slides.

We have a proven blue-print

Based on long term experience in Digital Transformation projects, we have identified patterns for success and have developed the unique Digital Leadership Strategy Framework™ (DLSF) as a blueprint. The unique DLSF approach guarantees far superior results and ensures double-digit performance improvements across all relevant KPIs. Talk to us to learn how we drive impact and get insights on real-live practical case studies.

1 | Market insights, business & user stakeholders

A digital transformation project is informed by three directions: (1) the market and competitive environment, (2) what the business wants to achieve and (3) what your (potential) user / customers want. In this first step, we (1) strategically research the market and competitive environment, (2) identify the business impact levers and (3) focus on getting the segmentation right – importantly differentiating between online and offline segments and prioritizing these by value.

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digital strategy THIS IS AWESOME – Consulting – digital strategy, execution & performance 2

2 | Expected Benefits

What does the business want to achieve? Identification, consolidation and prioritization of objectives across all departments.
What do your customers really want? Data-driven identification, consolidation and prioritization of user insights so you finally gain an understanding of what the users want.
Optionally and as required, the benefits can be quantified as an input to the business case.

3 | Direction

Many projects fail already starting with their (guesswork) vision. We drive the vision from a bottom-up understanding of what the business really needs and what your (potential) customers really want. THIS IS AWESOME and quintessential: any further action depends on this central piece of analysis.

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digital strategy THIS IS AWESOME – Consulting – digital strategy, execution & performance 4

4 | Product definition

Based on a firm understanding where we want to go (the direction) we define the product in terms of scope (short-term → long-term), content, User Experience journeys & concepts and brand experience. The output will be spot-on and will result in double-digit performance increases across any major KPI since it is fully coherent and data-driven. The product can optionally include a roadmap so your IT and organisation know where to go.

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5 | Technical Architecture & Costs

Based on the defined product, technical realisation options can be explored and the technical architecture can be defined. Optionally and as required, the projected costs can be identified and quantified as an input to the business case.

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digital strategy THIS IS AWESOME – Consulting – digital strategy, execution & performance 6

6 | Business Performance Framework & Case

Development of the 360° Business Performance Framework. This including digital, organisational and IT performance parameters and dashboards. Measurement fully built-in!

7 | Approach and Plan

Now we will prepare execution: sorting out planning, governance, reporting, organisational structure and Roles & Responsibilities. We support our customers end-to-end from Strategy to Execution to post go-live optimization, often again raising KPIs by another double-digit percentage points.

digital strategy THIS IS AWESOME – Consulting – digital strategy, execution & performance 7

We take three iterations of this process:

  • Iteration 1 focuses on defining the overarching direction very quickly (typically max. 6 weeks even for the largest portals).
  • Iteration 2 focuses on defining the concepts.
  • Iteration 3 moves the product into execution.

In any iteration, we focus on the entire product: from user benefits, over product, technology and right down to financials and planning. Thereby we uniquely make sure we get to one coherent product that will realistically achieve the desired impact in YOUR marketplace.

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How we work and how we deliver success

How we work successfully:

  • We form a dedicated highly experience multidisciplinary SWAT team for you – each of our team members has 10+ years of relevant professional experience
  • Our team integrates with your teams and works jointly at your location
  • The team knows the Digital Leadership Strategy Framework™ (DLSF) inside out. This guarantees a disciplined, successful, effective and efficient project execution – holistically and end-to-end, never leaving you alone.
  • Solid Execution with agile implementation and continuous performance monitoring is our credo – instead of bullshit bingo, “smart” advises and endless PowerPoint slides.
  • Our goal is your business success – by satisfying your customer’s needs.

We deliver success:

  • We significantly increase sales on E-Commerce platforms, typically a 40% plus increase of conversion, based on our comprehensive profiling of your customers and a game-changing Customer Experience (CX) with an outstanding and immersive brand and visual design
  • Analyses and digitization of business processes result in massive cost reduction, maximized efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Improved technological architecture result in cost reduction and your future readiness
  • Addressing new customer segments in your core markets and in new markets increases your revenue and profit

Talk to us, how we can help you.

If consulting does not go far enough for you and you want to develop entirely new products/services and disruptive business ideas check out our > ventures offering. Ventures offering.

Our key competencies

  • Customer Experience (CX)

  • Based on a deep understanding of who your customers are and their relative importance to your company, we develop concepts that will quite literally hit the mark. We develop concepts that will both, your user needs hit and your business goals. Ask us for our references!

  • Immersive brand & design experiences

  • Do you recall the last average concert or cinema, you have experienced? No? Average doesn’t quite suffice anymore since we are confronted with 1.000’s of experiences every day. We design for outstanding and immersive brand and visual design experiences based on strong consumer experience concepts.

  • Business Excellence

  • Our love for numbers is at the heart of what we do: facts and figures are our guiding principles end-to-end. Starting with the strategy, we determine the key levers on the business case and we take those key performance indicators down to how we measure product success on an analytics level.

  • Strategic Product Management

  • We see product management at the conjunction of product management in the classical sense, business metrics, requirements engineering and strategy. We take product management end-to-end: from strategy, effective and targeted implementation based on agile practices to conversion optimization!

Our services

  • Experience Design

    Visual Design
    Information Architecture
    Customer Research
    User Testing
    Content Strategy
    Video production
    Creative Direction
    Responsive Design
    Tone of Voice

  • Business & Product

    Vision & Strategy
    Proposition definition
    Data Science
    Business Analysis
    Project- & Program Management
    Product Management
    Innovation Labs
    Content Intelligence

  • Technology

    System and Software Architecture
    Frontend development
    Responsive Web
    Backend development
    Quality Assurance
    Agile Delivery setup & training: Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban

  • Interactive Marketing

    Data Science
    Digital Marketing
    Performance Marketing
    SEO & SEM
    Discovery Marketing

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