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We treat Human Resources (HR) as a core business function of a company. After understanding your individual and unique needs in terms of hard qualifications, soft skills and personality requirements, we start our process to find potentials candidates. They are interviewed several times – also by our senior business leaders who could be their potential boss. Then we present you only the pearls.

We love to find the right people for you.

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We are focused on knowledge workers for the digital economy

We support your needs:

  • Temporary experts
  • Interim managers
  • Permanents employees

We cover the following areas:

  • User Experience and Customer Experience
  • Product Managers and Design Thinkers
  • Agile Coaches, Scrum Master, Kanban Master, Scrumban Sensei
  • Business performance experts and digital Marketeers
  • Technologists, Developers, Software and System Architects
  • Entrepreneurs

Our competencies

Understanding your need

Understanding your individual and unique needs is the critical first step. We take a 360° approach for hard qualifications, soft skills and personality requirements: how should your team be structured? What cultural values should the team and the new hire in particular represent? Which hard and soft skills are critical? Which business goals should the new hire fulfill? How does he fit within the existing team? Ultimately, we support you creating the Candidate Requirements Briefing (CBR).

Sourcing and identification

Finding really convincing candidates is difficult. We support you identifying and executing the most promising sourcing opportunities for your vacancies: job adverts, competitors, social media, search engines …. For temporary experts and interim managers, we have our own talent data base of 700+ experts. We further help you creating the Candidate Story Approach (CSA): only a story about your company and the candidate’s potential role, an authentic and persuasive story, worthwhile telling, will convince a strong candidate – very often you have to convince the smart candidate and not vice versa. We want to make them love you before you hire them.

Qualification and assessment

After building up a pool of candidates, fulfilling the hard qualifications, we validate the soft and social skills and the personality in first psychological interviews. The following up to three interviews are done by our senior professionals, who could typically be their peer or their superior. Last, the relative merits of all short-listed candidates is discussed in a conference by all interviewers.

On-boarding and care-taking

Achieving closure is critical. We support you by creating new contracts or improving your existing contracts and discussing these with the potential candidates already during the interview process. We further support you with on-boarding, team-building and accompany the new hire during his first few months. It is difficult to find talented people – but it is even harder to retain talented people. They give companies a real challenge to develop and engage their employees and their careers. We help you to retain your talents.

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“We treat Human Resources as a core business function. It’s the people that run your business.”

More Information about Digital Professionals

Our comprehensive Candidate Selection Process (CSP)

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